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Well I'm totally insane and I dont care, I love fan art and I write on and... oh I am fairly certain that I was meant to be born a dragon! but alas Im human... sort of. ;)


Maria tugged hard on Duo’s mane, she had been with the toko long enough to recognize the signs he was switching personalities. The aloof indifference the chimeric had been showing all morning had started to slide into the back as the more hyperactive trickster came out to play. Jekyll and Hyde indeed. While this aspect of the piebalds personality was more… animated, he could also be a mean bugger and the way he’d started eyeing Acher and Ghoul was enough to warn Maria that he was up to something. “Don’t even think about it.” She growled lowly under her breath.

“Did you say something?” The anthro’s feline ear twitched back in her direction.

“Uh no, just muttering to myself.” The red head answered shrugging a shoulder.

Ravi was just beside her and cocked his head at her tone, something was bothering his handler and he didn’t know what it was. The mood changes were normal for the piebald and she usually handled them with a grace born from practice, but today the woman seemed edgy. Not exactly the best attitude for a hunt, especially given the prey was a lynx and while not as dangerous as a bear or mountain lion it was still no small matter. Gideon and Aipaloovik were further ahead, the dappled roan was a quiet sort almost like he was new to working in a pack. Gideon however was all smiles and charm, even if his borrowed toko was a little uncomfortable the two were working out the kinks of their new relationship fairly well. “Hey Ravi, c’mere!” Gideon called from his spot up front where Vik had stopped to scent something.

The tundra jumped at the chance to start tracking and bounded up to the dark pair, tongue lolling in an excited lupine smile. “What do you make of that?” Gideon pointed to a marked up tree, signs of feline claw marks dug out of the bark.

“Find something?” Archer asked as Ghoul drew closer, the handsome sphinx nearly stumbling as he hit a deep patch of snow.

“Not sure, maybe what we’re looking for.” Gideon gave a noncommittal shrug, squinting at the marks as Ravi sniffed and scented the tree trunk.

Maria and Duo hung back a little mostly due to the patched piebalds mood swing into Jekyll mode, and how he was looking at the gangly Ghoul like a wounded deer. Ravi finished his analysis on the tree and went about sniffing the ground, the fresh powder on the forest floor covering all but the most recent of tracks and muffling smells. Vik, Duo, and Ghoul waited for a sign from the bright tundra that this was indeed a sign of a lynx, Ravi dug in the snow for a moment taking deep inhalations. Head jerking up Ravi yipped excitedly his tail wagging hard, causing the others to grin in anticipation. “Guess that answers that question, let’s hunt.” Archer commented his own feline like teeth flashing in the sunlight.

“Lead the way Ravi.” Maria called, twisting her fingers into Duo’s mane as he tensed up underneath her to run.

Ravi didn’t hesitate at the command and took off chasing down the lead he’d found, Ghoul and Aipaloovik followed closely by Duo. Gideon urged Archer and Ghoul ahead, the brown sphinx may be a little clumsy with his gangly gait, but when it came to running he about flew over the ground. Plus Gideon had noticed the way Maria had kept Duo in line and figured he should put an extra buffer between the two just in case he got any ideas. Archer appreciated the gesture knowing that his boy was too sweet for his own good and often was bullied by packmates at home. The grey tabby anthromorph was drawn out of his musings when Ravi slowed taking to scenting the air and forest floor once again. “What’s up? He lose it?” Maria asked watching her tundra pace about as if looking for something.

Archer cocked his head watching the male tundra whine in confusion. “Should we keep going? Maybe we’ll find it again.” Gideon offered, he was still new to hunting with tokos and wasn’t entirely sure on what to do.

Maria chewed on the corner of her mouth, a furrow creasing her brow. Dismounting from Duo the red head approached Ravi clicking her tongue to get his attention when he ignored her. “What’s the matter? What do you smell huh?” The tundra whined again his ears flicking back and forth in confusion.

The crunch of pawsteps in the snow reached Archer’s own sensitive ears and they twitched to hone in on the sound. “Something is coming closer, perhaps that’s what he smells.” The feline anthromorph warned with a low growl.

The handlers all grew tense as they visually searched the surrounding woods wondering where the threat could be coming from. The foursome of tokos also raised their hackles, protective warning growls vibrating from their chests. It was subtle at first, just barely a flicker of color but Gideon and Archer both caught a glimpse of seafoam blue eyes flashing from the shadows and knew from the height it was a Tokota, but which one? Pointing at the brush Gideon gave a direction for them to face and it was a tense few moments of growling and snapping teeth, before a face became more clear and the handlers relaxed. Oomaliq, the dappled starter and grandsire to Vik made his presence known. Aipaloovik having recognized his relative settled first, the others were a little slower but eventually calmed. Well… almost all of them. Duo was in Hyde mode again and trying to start trouble, even with Maria trying to mellow him the toko would not stop rumbling. Teeth were fully exposed in a dangerous snarl and he snapped them once or twice as if in challenge, the clicks of the enamel a threat as he did so.

Oomaliq locked eyes with the errant male and fully emerged from his hiding place showing his massive size and imposing figure. The energy in the air changed as the staring contest continued, Maria edged closer to Duo in a hopes of controlling the situation before it got out of hand. Vik stepped between her and his grandsire, whether of his own volition or Gideon urging him to do it she didn’t think to ask. Fur along the grey tawnys spine rose slowly and arctic sea blue eyes snapped glacier cold at the impudent piebald. Vik, Ravi, and Ghoul lowered their heads and tails tucked underneath their bellies as the slow to anger alpha male rose to his full height and let out a single sharp bark, the low rumbling snarl more than cowed the pack it also seemed to have an effect on the handlers as well.

Seeming to realize his mistake too late Duo submitted to the dapple male, his chest and head lowering to the ground pressing into the snow. Maria worried when the stillness stretched for a moment then she witnessed Oomaliq lunge and nip hard on the chimerics nose to firmly remind him of who was in charge. Knowing that he had sort of deserved the reprimand didn’t make it any easier to watch, her boy could go from sweet and mischievous to a cold brute in less time than a heartbeat. After Oomaliq left him alone Maria approached cautiously, noticing no blood on his muzzle despite the nip the red head sighed in relief and smoothed a hand over his fur. “Well… um… shall we continue?” Gideon asked lamely, his dusky skin flushed in embarrassment at how lame he sounded.

Archer nodded agreement and tapped Ghoul into motion, despite their losing the scent of the lynx the anthromorph had a feeling they would find it again. The brown sphinx and Vik walked shoulder to shoulder down the path with Oomaliq in front and Ravi and Duo behind. Though it wasn’t long before Ravi scooted past them nose on the ground sniffing for something. “Think he got it back?” Gideon wondered aloud.

“Possibly, we’ll have to wait and see.” Archer murmured as they observed Oomaliq and Ravi go to scenting everything.

The dapple roan Aipaloovik kept to the brown sphinx again, he wasn’t entirely sure why but the gangly male didn’t seem to mind the company, and even though he was of a higher hierarchy status fell into a more submissive step next to Vik. As they emerged from the woods into a more rocky river canyon like area they resorted to single file as the dapple starter picked the route and it was to narrow to continue two by two. The steep gravel embankment to one side was peppered with large boulders that, while they had stood stationary for however many years, looked like with the slightest push my tumble down the bank and crush them. Oomaliq seemed to know where he was going though and didn’t seem to care if the pack followed him or not. As they were passing a close knit outcropping of rock though Ghoul perked up, his head cocking from side to side, nose trembling as the breeze kicked up. Archer tilted his head back, claw tipped fingers digging into his own palm as his eyes widened. Duo and Maria were last in line, Gideon was just in front of him and Ghoul, leaving Ravi and Oomaliq leading up front.

Ears flattening against his head in panic the tabby anthromorph had barely opened his mouth to warn them before a battle scarred lynx leapt from it’s hiding place in the rocks above to land on Gideon and Vik biting and clawing at them in a mad attempt to bring down prey. Thankfully Gideon’s insulated jacket had protected him from the initial clawing but the force of the impact had knocked him from Vik’s back and the startled toko wasn’t prepared to face the surprise attack. Ghoul bellowed and tried to help by snapping at the cat as Gideon tried to fight it off, and despite it only being forty or so pounds it was still solid muscle and sinew, with very large teeth. The tight confines of the canyon couldn’t allow Vik or the others to turn around and face the threat, it was just on Ghoul. The sphinx snapped and snarled managing to grab the cat in his jaws to pull him off Gideon, but lost him when it twisted in his maw and gave him a good swat to the face causing Ghoul to drop him.

Scrambling to escape the canyon the now injured cat leapt to safety on the opposite side thinking it was safe ground. Only that wasn’t true, Oomaliq appeared down the ridge running hard along the stony bank a snarl curling his mouth. Ravi wasn’t far behind having followed the path the starter had taken. Archer hissed in frustration and his own tail whipped in his foul mood, though a groan from Gideon brought his attention back to the other man. “You alright?”

“Bleeding, but alive.” He grunted bringing himself back to a standing position his shredded jacket hanging off him in tattered bloody stripes and ribbons. “Now let’s go get that son of a bitch, he took a potshot at me it’s only fair I return the favor.”

As he dragged himself back onto Vik who had stuck by his side, Archer looked back at Maria and Duo who appeared just as determined and ready to go. “Then let’s go get him.” The trio took off down the narrow canyon where just thirty more feet lead to a turnaround sloping path where Oomaliq and Rav had bolted up after the cat in the first place. Taking the sharp turn Vik opened up another gear and galloped hard after the predator and the other packmates in pursuit. Ghoul and Duo kicked it up a notch as well, claws digging into the frozen ground to gain as much traction as possible to catch up. Soon they did just that and the baying howls of a pack mid hunt echoed throughout the canyon into the forest beyond. The handlers clung to their backs, hands gripping tight, and knees pressed hard against ribs, the thrill and excitement of the hunt infecting them too. And for Gideon? A little bit of revenge.

The spotted lynx yowled as jumped for safety in steeper rocks only to be knocked down by Oomaliq, who was having none of that crap again. Rolling back to it’s feet the big footed feline faced his attackers head on, against this many opponents the lynx had to have known the game was up. Though that didn’t mean that he was about to go down quietly either, snapping and swinging his razor tipped paws the cat got in a few good swings even drawing blood on a couple of the tokos but Ghoul and Vik had had enough after a certain point and both managed to get a bite on the lynx and crushed down breaking bones and shattering the will to live in the predatory cat. Yowling and groaning in pain Ravi ended it with a quick bite to the spine, it was over. As the adrenalin high came down Gideon slumped low over the dappled roan nearly slipping to the ground.

“Ho, you okay?” Duo, Ravi, and Ghoul nosed closer the smell of blood cloying in their nostrils.

Gideon groaned before answering. “Yea, just sore… I think I have a med kit in my bag somewhere. It will have to do until we get back home.”

Archer and Maria dismounted from their respective tokos and helped Gideon to the ground, after maria found the kit in his saddle bag Vik wandered to Oomaliq who stood a few paces away. He was licking a claw mark on his leg clean of blood where the lynx had got in a lucky swipe, while the other three milled close to the handlers. The coat was ruined, no amount of patching would save it but it had done a good job of protecting his skin from the claws for the most part, but the bite marks were another story. “These are going to sting.”

“Really? I rather thou-” The rest of his sarcastic sentence dies in a choked of roar as the antiseptic is poured into his wounds.

“You were saying?” Archer raised his eyebrow at him in challenge. “That was just mean.” The man bit out ignoring Maria snickering as she dealt with the cat.

Archer shrugged a smirk tugging on one side of his mouth, after bandaging up Gideon the tabby anthromorph watched Ghoul interact with the other tokos. Ravi and Duo were rassling with each other as Vik and Oomaliq sat with the sphinx seeming to be in deep conversation. The rag tag group had had it’s first hunt and now that the tentative bonds of friendship had been forged who knew what they could tackle next?
Wild cat - hunting 1
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For taikunfoo Issora Creative-Escape I dont have the tracker for Vik so I'll submit it to the group for rolling after I snag that, but I hope everyone was in character and that the owners like it.
RoF Ahti/Aker - Trip from hell by LaylaBlackwolf
RoF Ahti/Aker - Trip from hell
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First rite for the amazing akllozz I apologize again for how I brutally butchered your beautiful boys bearmarks TwT FORGIVE MEEE!!! Those handlers in the back are a direct reflection of my mood when I was sketching and coloring him. However poor my skills may be I hope they bring you a good score.

Sitting Stock Pack 3
Mexican Wolf Stock 14
Mexican Wolf Stock 13: Jumping

“Ow! What the hell, that’s the fourth acorn today to fall on my head!” Sarin complained as he rubbed the crown of his head fox ears laying flat against his skull.

Winter the bloodmarked yeti raised and twisted her head trying to see her handler as he sat on her back. The kitsune growled and glared up at the still barren tree branches looking for any reason as to why the small projectiles were falling on him. Rin and Polaris were right beside the pair and the anthromorph had also noticed the acorns were only hitting her friend. The roan curly chuffed to Winter and cocked his head in question, a conversation in body language and grunts only the tokos could understand. Cassie and Thasha were further ahead, the dire leading the band to Tokondak Falls. It was popular with grizzlies during the salmon spawning season but now with winter half over and the bears safely in hibernation the river was a ripe fishing spot. Turning in the saddle the dragon shifter looked back to the group. “What’s the matter?” She called back.

“Some dumb squirrel is dropping their winter stash on my damn head.” Sarin said a glower still on his face.

At this point Lee seemed to realize something and looked down at Djinn who seemed to be trying to look innocent.“Pilot!” Lee yelled from the back of her grey tundra, a scowl puckering her face. “Where are you, you evil little shite?” Djinn gave a drawn out sigh at his handlers bellow and barked once when she was met with silence.

An answering yowl was heard above them in the trees, and a black furry mass dropped out of the branches and onto the back of Polaris who jumped at the sudden weight and startled the chocolate roan curly. Lee’s eyes narrowed at the feline as he rubbed against Rin’s back, all while he smirked at the woman. “I’m not fooled by that you satanic bastard.” Pilot hissed at her in reply but soon jumped from Polaris to Djinn.

Thasha and Cassie approached wondering at the delay and was met with two scowls from Sarin and Lee while she got an amused smirk from Rin. “What’s going on?”

“My toko brought along his evil feline that’s all.” Lee explained as the slinky black cat perched on top of Djinn’s head.

Cassie stared down at the two from her higher seat on Thasha, she quirked a brow at him then flicked a glance to Sarin who looked like he wanted to murder the pet. “Annoy you did he?” She quipped, a light teasing in her tone.

“You would be too if you had dents in your skull from those damn acorns he dropped, what poor rodent did you torture for that stash huh?” Pilot blinked at Sarin and yawned wide as if bored and unimpressed with the death glare he was receiving from the kitsune.

“You’re right, he is an evil bastard.” He growled rubbing at the still sore spots on his head.

Wintersweet whined and cocked her head at the cat trying to figure it out, but when she tried to sniff him Pilot swatted at her nose. His claws weren’t out so he didn’t intend to hurt the yeti, but it was enough to make a point. Thasha and Polaris rumbled a warning to the feline for picking on their pack mate, which he replied with a growling hiss. Lee was going to end up with a very unhappy Djinn if her friends tokos killed his cat, so to stop the war before it began she shoved the yellow eyed demon off her extended mark boy with an aggravated sigh. “Would you cut that shit out now you little snot? We have fish to catch, which I know for a fact you eat more than your fair share of. Now get moving.” That earned her a glare that should have set Leanna on fire but the brunette just pointed down the trail.

Cassie and Rin were amused by the strange dynamics of the threesome, Winter, Thasha, Sarin, and Polaris were less than enthused to have the tyrant with them. Cassie chuckled though she watched where Pilot darted as he took off between the female dires paws and down the trail towards the falls. “Where’d you find him?” Rin asked tapping Polaris into motion again.

“I didn’t, ask him.” She gestured to Djinn with a jerk of her chin.

The grey furred anthromorph cocked her head in question, ears flicking and laying flat as she looked at Djinn. “You know I can’t actually do that right?”

Lee flinched hoping her words hadn’t offended the woman. “That isn’t what I meant, it’s just… he wanders off on his own a lot and one day he just came home with this cat in tow. I don’t know where he came from or what Djinn did to make that jackass like him, but Pilot has stuck with him ever since.”

Understanding dawns on Rin’s face and she nods, she idly rubs a strand of Polaris’ curled mane in her fingers as she mulls over Lee’s story. “Just as long as he stays the hell away from me and Winter I don’t care.” Sarin huffs still upset about getting brained with acorns all morning.

“I can try, but unfortunately I can make no promises.” Leanna sighed regretfully before falling into a comfortable silence with her companions.

Thasha and Cassie are leading the way once more, the tundra dire listening intently for the sounds of the river. Even with most bodies of water were still frozen Tokondak Falls usually managed to keep thaw for the most part, and if not the ice was never too thick so they couldn’t break through. The slow bubbling gurgle was eventually heard and the dire quickened her pace, large paws surprisingly light as she loped towards the sound. Winter and Sarin were right on their heels the bright yeti happily bounding along after her larger friend and packmate. Sarin couldn't help the smile pulling on the corners of his mouth as only his beautiful yeti girl could bring out. The pair were nearly inseparable and made a wonderful team, she could make him forget the painful scars stretched taut across his back. Sarin physically shook himself trying to get rid of the memories as they came unbidden back to his mind.

In short order the group made it to the river, however it was at that point they realized they weren’t alone. The massive fluffy fox brown backside of none other than Jasper was fishing in a broken section of the icy river. “Oh… well this could be interesting.” Cassie tried to say with bit of hope for their trip as Thasha grumbled at the dire intruder.

“If by interesting you mean disaster? Then yes, I think this could be very interesting.” Sarin commented dryly leaning forward to prop himself on Wintersweet’s head.

“Oh stop it, it’s going to be fine I’m sure.” Rin chided the kitsune and hopped off Polaris to release him from his tack and let the curly roan find a spot of his own.

The barbary removed his gigantic head from the hole he’d already made a fat chub in his maw, the brown growled to the roan but Polaris studiously ignored him and moved past the surly dire. Winter followed after her packmate and tried mimicking the curly when he fox pounced the ice, which did not go as planned and she slipped halfway across the river. Thasha and Djinn had yet to make out and Cassie and Lee were slow about removing their animals tack. Jasper was not exactly known for playing nice and the way he was eyeing Winter set both Sarin’s and Thasha’s teeth on edge. Djinn trotted out onto the ice when, seemingly from nowhere, appeared Pilot weaving between his legs without a care in the world. Well that is until Jasper spotted him and a vicious gleam appeared in his eyes, Thasha was having none of that and purposely bumped her shoulder against his distracting him long enough for Djinn and the troublesome feline to skirt around him. Jasper was mid snarl when he seemed to realize he was looking at a beautiful tundra dire, and became the flirt he was known to be.

Rolling her eyes Thasha sighed and put up with it for a moment, then without trying, too hard, she sneezed in the barbaries face. Lee and Cassie had to bite their lips to keep from laughing at the affronted look of the male, though they were failing miserably. With that said though Rin and Sarin were dying, the kitsune could barely stand up straight and the anthromorph was leaning against her leader, her grey shoulders shaking so hard she appeared to be sobbing. The foxy colored male huffed in indignation and went back to fishing as Thasha went to join the others on the opposite bank. “Oh god that was perfection, tell me someone caught that on camera?” Lee snickered still unable to control herself completely.

Cassie cleared her throat composing herself better than the rest of them. “I didn’t and considering these two turned into hyenas I doubt they did either.”

The two aforementioned hyenas continued gawfing, it was the most either had seen the pair laugh or smile, not to say that Rin was as serious as say Lok, but Sarin was a definite surprise. As they settled down to clean fish that their tokos brought in the foursome calmed and moved on to small talk. Djinn, Pilot, and Winter were staring hard at the large section of opened water waiting for a flash of scales to see if they had fish to catch. Polaris and Thasha were further up at spots of their own. Not long after the foursome settled in to fish Polaris dunked his head under and paused long enough for the others to realize he’d caught something. Pulling back a trout flapped uselessly in his jaws, Rin whooped in delight for her curly boy and the others grinned in congratulations. Jasper was less than enthused, but since he already had a decent pile of fish and Thasha sent him glare warning him not to even try. The barbary grunted and went back to his own fishing spot, the small fact that he was also outnumbered did not fail to escape his notice and Jasper chose to let the other tokos continue in peace.

Winter was next to catch a fish, a rainbow of decent size then followed by Thasha with a salmon. Djinn became annoyed when he missed his fish by the skin of his teeth only then to have Pilot pull out a little silver grayling just a minute later. Huffing the extended boy concentrated and scanned the water intent on not being out done and snagging a catch. Jasper smirked watching the young grey try so hard when his other companions seemed to be old pros at fishing and were bringing in fish after fish. The brown barbary almost felt bad but then watched Djinn grab a nice salmon of his own finally. Winter flashed a lupine smile at her companion then dove for another trout as it flashed to the surface, the bloodmarked yeti was very good and had an ingenious way of attracting the fish. She was using the long tendrils of her fur to dance along the surface and draw in the curious ones thinking it might be food. Rather brilliant actually, and while Polaris and Thasha were doing just as well Jasper wondered if she had a knack for it or if it was just experience.

Now that everyone had a few fish each they gathered their catches and brought them over to the handlers to clean before heading back to their spots to see if the could snag some more before calling it quits and heading back home. Polaris and Jasper both watched Djinn try and fail to catch yet another fish steering it instead towards Thasha and the tundra dire triumphantly pulling the salmon from the icy waters. The grey growled in frustration and got an affectionate head butt and rub from his feline before he too went back to the hole and wrestled a chub from the river. Jasper just snorted with an eyeroll and went back to his minding his own business but the curly roan took pity on him and barked to Winter to switch spots with him. Yipping back Wintersweet did as asked and ambled over to let Polaris take her place next to the newbie. Djinn looked rather dejected over his failure to do as well as the others and if it kept up Polaris wondered if he would give up entirely.

Nudging the younger male Polaris made deliberate gestures and movements to show him how to go about it and the icy blue eyes stared hard at him absorbing what the curly was trying to tell him. Matching the movements of the roan, Djinn mirrored them and watched as Polaris struck quickly and jerked a char from the river’s watery grasp. Determined to prove himself the grey tundra was very careful in his motions and went stock still waiting for just the right moment. Jasper noticed this tremendous effort and chose at that moment to be himself, which at this moment was an ass. Deciding his fishing hole wasn’t large enough he acted as a bear and slammed his forepaws down along the edges to make it wider, creating a lot of noise and shockwaves to startle most of the fish still lurking about. It earned him dark looks from Winter, Thasha, Polaris, and all the involved handlers knowing he was doing it on purpose. Djinn however didn’t even flinch or look away and to his credit wasn’t even phased by the petty act, the distraction tactic having failed Jasper then pawed at and played with the now broken bits of ice.

Polaris growled at him and flashed his teeth even if it was just a vague threat to knock it off, and while Jasper was tempted to show the curly what for he knew the other three tokos wouldn’t stand for that. Handsome he may be but he wasn’t stupid, and so bent to their condemnation, as much as it annoyed him to do so, and went back to fishing. Turning back to Djinn the pack watched him scowl at the water, the pucker of concentration wrinkling his forehead. After a few tense moments the grey lunged at the water and splashed everywhere earning him a hiss from Pilot as he shook off the droplets. Coming back a large sockeye came with him and earned him happy yips and barks from his companions and happy shouts from the handlers. With his prize clenched in his teeth the extended mark trotted over to Lee where she happily accepted and smothered him in affection. They spent most of the afternoon at the river before they decided they had enough and should pack it up and head home. Jasper ignore the foursome as they walked past him carrying the last of their catches though he did sneak a peek when Winter and Thasha sauntered past and got a very disconcerting glower from Cassie. Her eyes flashing in such a way that told the dire in no uncertain terms that the females were off limits.

Despite her human form Jasper wisely noticed that the scent she carried wasn’t, and the way her blue gaze snapped and shifted like azure flames he figured it best to not press his luck. Wintersweet bounced to Sarin with a proud gleam in her eyes, even if they were mostly covered by her bangs. As Cassie, Lee, and Rin all packed up their things Sarin made quick work of all four tokos last hauls so they could get going and be home before dark. “Good girl.” The kitsune cooed to his yeti as Rin took care of her for him.

“They all did so good! We are going to set for a week or so with this catch.” Lee grinned as she tied the containers holding the cleaned fish onto Djinn.

“Well, for a normal toko maybe but for a dire like Thasha? Three maybe four days, the bigger they are the hungrier they seem to be.” Cassie joked.

The rest of them chuckled having to agree, though Leanna mentioned a normal female of hers who was on a strict diet since she shared her father’s love of food and laziness. “Sounds like she could go through this in a few days too.” Rin snickered.

“She could, though she has been behaving herself recently. Although I think that has something to do with a male she has a crush on… and that’s a terrifying thought in and of itself.” It truly was in all honesty.

As everyone mounted up and got ready to go a thunderous roar made everyone startle and then they saw a furious Jasper chasing after Pilot. The black cat had somehow managed to sneak up and snag one of the best fish from his pile and was now running off with it. As he sprinted towards them Lee sagged in the saddle waiting for the eventable. “Time to go!” Cassie shouted and sent Thasha into a gallop, the others following close on her heels.

Djinn didn’t even snarl at the incoming Jasper he just tensed up and waited till he felt the pressure of his feline landing on his back before taking off after the others. It wasn’t until after she had caught up and they were all sure they had lost the enraged dire did the maniacal laughing start. “You sure know how to pick ‘em don’t you?” Lee sighed trying not to join in on the laughter as Pilot smirked over his stolen prize.

“I take it back, your cat is awesome.” Sarin cackled, head thrown back and tears glinting in his eyes.
Learning curve - fishing 1
Link to import sheet: Djinn 7987 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Djinn Hunt/Fishing/Exploration Journal
Items/Companions: Black cat
Defects/Health Issues: none

Link to import sheet: Polaris 5006 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Polaris 5006 Tracker
Items/Companions: none
Defects/Health Issues: none

Link to import sheet: Thasha 2694 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Thasha 2694 Tracker
Items/Companions: none
Defects/Health Issues: none

Link to import sheet: Wintersweet 2260 by TotemSpirit
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Wintersweet 2260
Items/Companions: none
Defects/Health Issues: none

Words: 3000
Handler: 2
Starter: 2 (Jasper)
Companion mentioned: 1
Noncommission: 1

I'm so sorry this is so late but I hope you enjoy reading it and that they bring you back some great fish! BlueFoxAurora 
70 deviations
If no interest is given then she will go to the adoption center, 

Her parents:
Honovi 5159 by TotemSpirit X Charlotte 4833 by TotemSpirit

Here she is: 

3. Female - Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
marked collared tundra with accents and saddle
200 points/500 TT/10 HP

Tagging Utakame since she owns the sire, and any affiliates of mine who may be in need of a fresh face in their kennels :)

Scorpio---Stables (I know you have her sister, but eh why not)


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