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Layla Blair
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Well I'm totally insane and I dont care, I love fan art and I write on and... oh I am fairly certain that I was meant to be born a dragon! but alas Im human... sort of. ;)


The chill of the autumn air sent a shiver rippling down Leanna’s spine, she sent a look to Epona and Emmy on their tokos. The blue eyed slate roan Ghost stood at attention, while the fox colored female Mia stared out over the open water. Rica twisted her head to look for the grey striped half mane Kai, who had gone ahead of the others down the dunes scouting for the best place to fish. The silver and dark grey bearmarked male was borrowed from another handler, but had been paired with Luke for the time being so he wouldn’t be alone. Both had proven to be fun companions for the whole trip out to the great lake, leaving Lee to wonder if the reason he’d been so game to go, even with a strangers toko, was because he was surrounded by pretty girls. The grey tundra cantered up the slope where the women stood, his fur soaking wet and still dripping water from his excursion. When Kai reached them however it became clear that he’d had a successful scouting as he held a good sized rout clenched in his jaws.

Grinning Emmy patted the half mane on his damp neck and jumped back into her saddle to follow him back to where ever Kai had chosen and abandoned Luke. A quick fifteen minute jaunt down the beach and the trio of women found a very grumpy Luke sitting in the sand setting up a cleaning station for the incoming fish. “What happened to you?” Epona asked trying not to laugh at the poor guy as he, just like Kai was dripping wet.

Blue eyes snapped to her dark brown in a nasty withering stare. “Ask him.” He huffed pointing to the panting half mane already paws deep in the surf.

“Pull a trick from Annie’s play book did he?” Lee snickered as she undid the harness from her barred tawny.

Luke grunted in reply and moved off a few paces to wring his shirt out again, to the sympathetic looks of half the group while his sister laughed like a maniac. However Epona and Emmy soon followed suit and released their tokos to the large body of fresh water. Once free the foursome bounded into the lake with a puppy like enthusiasm, yipping and splashing until their paws no longer touched bottom. Heads bobbing like oddly shaped ducks for a stretch the pack dove beneath the surface in search of their scaly prizes. Lee finally felt bad for her sibling and tossed him a spare blanket so he could use it as a towel, Epona quickly set up her fish gutting station as the redheaded druid made a decent sized pit to build a fire in. Luke shed his outer layers and wrapped himself up in the blanket bundling close to the fire and laying his clothes out to dry.

The women took pity on him as it was getting colder and with only a few hours till dusk it was only going to get cooler. Kai was the first back with a bright pink salmon still stubbornly clinging to life in his maw. Depositing it at Luke’s feet he yipped happily tongue lolling slightly as he waited for praise for his catch. Luke sighed and gave a begrudging look to the silver half mane before softening his expression and taking the fish. Before he could react Kai gave Luke a hard swipe to his face with a fishy tongue, which resulted in a most undignified cow lick hair do and growling. “Gah! Stop that!” Kai paid him no mind and bounced back to the water as Ghost and Mia came in with their catch.

Emmy and Epona were fighting to keep from laughing yet again while his evil sister was all but rolling in the sand. “It’s not funny! Give me your spare jacket please?” He groused pulling the wool cover tighter around himself.

As the other two women praised their tokos and began cleaning the fish Rica finally hauled out of the water. The slate male chuffed to her in greeting as he and Mia passed the barred as they headed back out again. Lee cooed to her girl as Luke whined for her attention, “C’mon please? It’s not like you’re using it.” He pleaded.

“Oh you big baby, fine, if you’re that cold just go get it from my bag.” Lee said taking the trout from Ricochet.

“Thank you. So magnanimous of you to save your only brother from hypothermia.” Luke grunted as he shuffled over to the pack and rummaged around for the fleece pullover that would at least cover his upper body and raise his temperature.

“Not my fault you fell in.” She quipped as Kai and Ghost made a return back to shore more fish ready to be cleaned.

The red brown female Mia wasn’t as successful and breached for a few moments before diving back under the rippling surface. “It isn’t mine either, that demon went hell bent for leather towards the water as soon as we hit the sand. I tried to jump off but as soon as I was gone he stopped turned and pounced on me, bastard nearly drowned me in the surf.”

Epona snickered and took the sockeye from the half mane and her slate boys rainbow since Luke was a little busy. “Now I’m soaking wet and got fish smelling spit in my hair.” He complained wrapping the wool around his waist like a towel for second so he could pull the fleece over his head.

Lee paused and she tried, she really did to let her brothers comment slide but… there was no way she was letting him go with that one. “Wow, you do realize how dirty that sounded right?”

“Oh now that’s just so wrong on so many levels…”

“You said it, not me.” Lee raised her hands up to her shoulders in a gesture of mock surrender.

“Pervert.” Luke muttered going over to his spot on the beach.

“Now I wonder who I learned that from?” She quipped back.

Emmy nearly choked on her laughter listening to the two of them go after each other, leaning over to Epona she nudged the native woman who was trying not to cut herself as her shoulders shook with mirth. “You think they’re always like this?”

Epona shrugged a smile etched onto her face. “I don’t know, but we seriously need to remember to bring popcorn next time. They are entertainment all by themselves.”

The red head had to agree and at the sound of splashing looked up to see Mia trotting towards her with a char clenched in her teeth. “Atta girl, keep ‘em coming!” She praised petting the wet tokos head.

The fox colored female preened and gave her handler a lick on the palm before running back out, maybe this time she’d catch something bigger. Passing Ricochet who was on her way in the brown female chuffed to her and paddled hard out into the open water. The lake was very large and deep, the dark waters were perfect places for northern pike to breed and flourish if she could just manage to spot one without it zipping away on her. Ghost and Kai were working as a team to herd a small school of steelheads and managing to snag at least two apiece before breaking off and heading for the surface towards their handlers. Rica was making her way back out and dove beneath the two eager males and was met with a frustrated Mia. The barred cocked her head wondering what the problem was, breaching for a few seconds so she could take a deeper breath and dive down farther she was surprised when the red followed her.

Yellow eyes met glacier blue and the two seemed to come to an agreement, they would not be outdone by the boys. Speak of the devils, the slate roan and grey tundra were swimming out in a different direction to the previous excursions. Narrowing their eyes in curiosity and suspicion the tawny and brown were soon following though they subtly ducked beneath the small waves so as to not be obvious about following the other two. After chasing after the two males for a few minutes both the girls found out the reason why was because the dopes were testing fate with an escaping snapping turtle. Morons… Mia rolled her eyes and headed up to breathe losing immediate interest. She would prefer to keep her nose on her muzzle and unscarred, Rica was not far behind. Shaking her head to clear the water from their ears the barred and brown watched as Ghost and Kai paddled after the large shelled amphibian.

Rica whined watching the boys play and wanting to join in but Mia was more interested in actually fishing. Watching the copper hued toko dive again she sighed and followed suit hoping it would be worth it.

Ghost was having a blast with the bearmarked male, but just as Mia had predicted the turtle lost its patience and turned on the two tokos chasing it. After nearly losing his nose Ghost almost immediately lost interest and went back to fishing. The slate roan caught a flash of red and gold as the two females dove down into the darker waters no doubt after the crafty pike. The pretty red was very ambitious and it was starting to infect Rica, who while sweet, had been lagging behind most of the trip out to the lake in the first place. Now that she had a friend pushing her for competition she was answering and was swiftly disappearing into the black water. Snorting, a line of bubbles swirled and rose to the surface as Ghost changed direction to see if he could snag some of those arctic chars darting about just off shore.

The group of handlers milling about on the shore spent the afternoon taking care of the fish and talking amongst themselves. Epona and Emmy were more of a peanut gallery to the siblings ribbing each other but it was all in good fun and as the sun came down and turned the sky into cotton candy shades of blue and pink. Kai had come in with a good foot long sockeye as his last catch before he decided he was done and shook off the lake water, thankfully far away from Luke and his drying clothes. Ghost was a little more tenacious and went out one more time after leaving a fat chub with Epona, Ricochet and Mia hadn’t come back in for a while though, both seeming determined to catch the stubborn bottom fish. Rica was slowing down though and it was making it hard to keep up with her red partner as she dove one last time to try at getting a pike or if they were extremely lucky, like once in a blue moon kind of lucky, a catfish. “What do you think those two are after down there?” Luke asked as he pulled on his now finally dry, if stiff, denim jeans.

Lee shrugged fiddling with her knife as she waited for the final catch of the day from her barred baby. The slate roan emerged ten minutes later toting a trout and more than ready to take a nap, hauling up onto the shore Ghost sneezed water from his nostrils and did the customary wet toko shake before dropping the rainbow at Epona’s knees and finding a grassy spot above the shore to collapse on and roll in. The halfmane soon joined him and the two males began their long process of air drying all that fur. Emmy and Lee were growing nervous as the girls were slow to reappear and with the light fading neither wanted to face the thought of something going wrong. The only warning that any of them had of the duo coming up was a small bursting of air bubbles breaking the smooth surface before the red and gold tokos lunged upward their heavy prizes clenched tight. Snorting and breaths ragged as they forced water out and air into their starved lungs.

“Looks like they finally got what they were after.” Emmy said beaming as her stubborn fawxy lady came in with a two foot long nothern pike.

“Thata a girl Ricochet! C’mon sweet pea bring it in!” Lee shouted nearly beside herself with pride and joy at seeing her tawny succeed in nabbing a feisty and very toothy fish.

Ghost and Kai caught the excitement from their handlers and bounded over tails wagging and happy barks and yips meeting their fishing mates. Both the females were exhausted, but they floating on cloud nine for reaching the goal, tails wagging half-heartedly with the heavy weight of the water and their own tiredness they met Emmy and Lee near the surf. Soaking wet as they were, praise was doled out and the predatory pikes were removed so the girls could walk on shaky legs to the grassy areas flop over for a well deserved and much needed break. Too tired to even shake out her pelt Rica fell into the warm spot Ghost had left behind, Mia in a similar state tumbled sidewise into Kai who had settled down again and was sleeping in minutes. The slate roan chuffed to them and laid down next to Ricochet, sighing she scooted closer and leaned into his warmth. Following her female compatriot she was out cold in just a few minutes, leaving Ghost and Kai to become temporary body pillows and heaters for them, not that they minded.
With a little luck - fishing 1
Link to import sheet: Ghost Whisper 7423
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal:
Items/Companions: No
Defects/Health Issues: No

Link to import sheet: Kai M443
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Kai's Journal
Items/Companions: No
Defects/Health Issues: No

Link to import sheet: Mia 6773
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Tokota Journal
Items/Companions: No
Defects/Health Issues: No

Link to import sheet: Ricochet 6602
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: Ricochet Hunt/Fishing/Exploration Journal
Items/Companions: No
Defects/Health Issues: No

Words: 2200+ 
Handlers: +2
Fishing: +2
Tribemate (Brier): +2
Noncommission: +1
18 HP

NativeWolf330 = 15HP
theEmmyBear  = 15HP
BrierTokoAccount/Blackbrier = 17HP


NativeWolf330 I'm so sorry I took so long, DA wiped out half my notifications and I forgot who I was doing art for. I found the journal with my comment saved in one of my fav folders and I will still do the 60 HP I owe you even if you sold the geno I was asking for. Also I couldn't find a definitive handler for Kai so I borrowed one of mine I hope that's okay.
RoM Hyden/Lottie - Who said yeti's can't keep up? by LaylaBlackwolf
RoM Hyden/Lottie - Who said yeti's can't keep up?
Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Hyden 6784
Registered name and ID number: Hyden 6784
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PB
Handler name: Niomey
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: N/A

Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Charlotte 4833
Registered name and ID number: Charlotte 4833
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PL
Handler name: Aidyn 
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: N/A

Last rite for Nojjesz ^~^ I hope you like it as much as I do, I seriously fell in love with that skyline and both the tokos came out so nice!! I'm really proud of this one, of course give it a couple days and I'm sure I'll feel like I hate it but at 4 am I bid you goodnight and here's to hoping for a good score!

50 deviations
RoF Caidyn/Hyden - Uh... hi? by LaylaBlackwolf
RoF Caidyn/Hyden - Uh... hi?
Link or thumbnail of import sheet: Caidyn 5741
Registered name and ID number: Caidyn 5741
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PL
Handler name: Leanna Andrews
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: N/A

Link or thumbnail of import sheet: 
Hyden 6784
Registered name and ID number: Hyden 6784
Prestige breeder or Pack leader?: PB
Handler name: Niomey
Supplementary Items: N/A
Training images and/or bonus images: N/A

Looks like Hyden is a little too eager to introduce himself lol careful dude she may be friendly but her brother is not XD
For Nojjesz 

Premium Charity Wolf Stock: 3
Full Body Turn Around Stock Pack
Charlotte 4833 by TotemSpirit
Registered name: Charlotte
Nickname(s): Lottie
ID number: 4833
Owner: AshTheDreamer and LaylaBlackwolf
    Previously: tree-kangaroo 
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Genotype: ee/aa/Tt/nM/AA/nSd/CC
Phenotype: Marked collared tundra with saddle and accents. Yeti.
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 878 lbs
Heirarchy status: Average
Rites of Fertility: 1/3
    ✓ Rite of Fortitude: Passed with average score.
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.

Personality: TBD

------------------------------------------ SSS: Akycha 04
----------------- SS: Keelut 225
------------------------------------------ SSD: Shesh 19
Sire: Hund's Tate 359
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Astrid 135
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Asher M529
----------------- DS: North 1017
------------------------------------------ DSD: Kiska 424
Dam: Inuksuk 1699 
------------------------------------------ DDS: Voltaire 2
----------------- DD: Alaska F406
------------------------------------------ DDD: Akna 15

Handler: Luke Andrews and co-owner Aidyn 

Total HP: 5.5
HP to Dominance: 244.5

RoF- This is the Quickest Way by magikwolf
Fullbodied: 2
Simple Background: .5
Handler: 2
Rite: 1





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